New & Sudden Open Doors

Have you ever heard the term or phrase “Open Door?” Many people, especially Christians use this or declare this to others as a prophetic word or Oracle of God. It’s not a bad thing to declare but just like with many other prophesies, the Bible warns us to test the spirit to see if it is in fact from God or the evil one.

Truthfully, there are some doors I refuse to walk in or through. When I lived in an older apartment, I refused to go to the basement. Just the thought of what was behind there creeped me out. Some of us need to have that same caution and reserve before we start getting excited about new and sudden doors opening, regardless of how bright it may seem.

Jesus said, if I stand at the door and knock and if anyone hears my voice, and open the door, I will come in (Rev. 3:20). With that being said, You not only choose what doors you walk through, but which ones you open. Even at my current home, where the neighborhood is safe and neighbors are friendly, I’m still cautious before I open my door. I make sure that I not only recognize the person’s voice, but I peep out the window to make sure it’s actually them before I open my door.

Be aware of those New and Sudden Open Doors Ladies!

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