Celebrate you without feeling guilty!

I will never forget how guilty I felt after buying myself something for the first time in years. For years I bought things for my children and husband. My needs were obsolete. I didn’t think twice about myself. My friend would always say, “You need to do for yourself sometimes,” but honestly I had lost sight of my own needs. It was my duty as a mother to make sure my children needs were met first. By the time I spent money on them, it was hardly ever enough to meet my own needs, and I was okay with it.

By the time my children graduated, I was stuck in that pattern and mold of neglecting me. They were grown and gone and my husband and I had an “empty nest” and I still found myself calling my children on the phone asking, “Do y’all need anything?” That same friend reminded me that my children were adults and it was time for me to invest in me!

I was stuck. That guilt of taking care of me first was screaming “Don’t do it, you have children.” Funny how guilt was only present when it was time for me to take care of me but was absent as long as I was taking care of everyone else. Well, I learned to celebrate me with the guilt until guilt was silenced by my choice to be free.

Please hear me ladies/gentlemen do not let guilt stop you from taking care of you, because you are more useful if you are healthier and free, than you will ever be feeling guilty. Celebrate you without the guilt.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate you without feeling guilty!

    1. cdruilhet41 Post author

      You better treat yourself. That should be a scheduled routine according to your pay period. I don’t care if it’s something small, movie, a meal, favorite chocolate, etc.



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